The Asian Sailing Federation website is quite unique; in that our readership has Unique Users (over 20,000 a month) but more importantly we have real people who have joined our mailing list.

From the armchair fan of sailing through to the top professional in our sport, on the Asian Sailing Federation you will reach our unique real membership. Our readers are based across more than 75 Countries. On an average month we deliver 200,000 page views and in any one week see over 5,000 visits to the site. Over half our readers visit EVERY day and they stay – an average visit lasts over seven minutes. With a background in conventional media, we maintain a traditional approach on the ASAF website. We deliver a trusted, clutter free, environment to some major brands and companies who book, and re-book advertising with us.

Our pricing is as follows:-

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Payment terms - pay in advance by electronic transfer. All advertisements are subject to approval by the ASAF, some types of advertising will not be permitted.

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