ASAF Solidarity Programme

The goal of the ASAF Solidarity Programme is to support the nations competing in the ASAF Youth Sailing Cups, by promoting the youth classes among countries that are interested in youth sailing, but have a little experience in these classes and/or lack of funds to compete in the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Series.

There are a number of Asian countries where the interest in youth sailing is strong, but for various reasons they are not able to fulfil their dream to participate in ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Series due to:

  • lack of funds
  • lack of equipment

The ASAF Solidarity Programme will help sailors by offering the following:

  • Equipment Support – the recipients of the ASAF Solidarity Programme may receive one of two brand new sets of sails, or one of two sets of used sails, in very good condition.
  • We also have some sails kindly donated by MNAs / sailors, which may also be presented to those selected to receive assistance under the ASAF Solidarity Programme.
  • Participation at ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Series – the sailors selected for the ASAF Solidarity Programme will have their entry fees reimbursed to any of the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup events. They will be required to pay the entry fee for entering in the event, and the entry fees will be reimbursed during the prizegiving of the Championship.

Who Can Apply and How To Apply
Eligibility: Sailors from countries with little international activity are elegible to apply after they have entered in any of the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Series events.

Confirmation of Programme Awards
ASAF will announce the beneficiaries of the ASAF Solidarity Programme as soon as possible after the application deadline.