Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Asian Sailing Federation are responsible to perform all functions of management and administration of the Association. The detailed terms of reference are listed in the General Rules.

The Executive Committee meets approximately 3-4 times a year, mainly during events, and are in regular communication on a day-to-day basis. All formal communications should be sent to Jason Lim, Secretary General, Asian Sailing Federation.

Rear Admiral Dorwanto(INA)
President of Honor
Malav Shroff(IND)
Neil Pryde(HKG)
Advisor to ASAF 
Quanhai Li(CHN)
WS Vice President from Asia
Rashid Al  Kindi(OMA)
Vice President 
Abdur Rehman Arshad(PAK)
Vice President 
Pilsung Lee(KOR)
Vice President
Aileen H Loo(SGP)
Vice President 
Lukman Abu Bakar(MAS)
Jason Lim(SGP)
Secretary General
Takao Otani(JPN)
Chairman Technical Advisory Panel
Captain Ajay Narang(IND)
Chairman Events Committee