Representatives of the Member National Authorities of ASAF at the Annual General Meeting 2016
Each year the Asian Sailing Federation holds a Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is normally in conjuction with an important ASAF Championship or with the WS Annual Conference, if held in Asia.

All Member National Authority (MNAs) may attend the meeting, but only those in good standing are entitled to vote.

In addition to the usual Agenda items, MNAs are welcome to make proposals for items to be discussed at the AGM and any bids received to host future ASAF Cups or Continental Qualification events will also be considered.
In between AGM meetings, the elected ASAF Executive Committee is responsible to adminster the Association.
The 2016 ASAF Extraordinary General Meeting took place on 06 March 2016 at Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Forthcoming Meetings
The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Asian Sailing Federation shall be held at 1430 hrs on 11 Jul 2017 at The Heritage Pattaya Beach Resort, Pattaya City, Thailand. Notice for Annual General Meeting HERE. Amendment No 1 to Notice of Meeting HERE
Past AGM Minutes