ASAF Youth Sailing Cup #1(2016 -17) at Chennai Declared Open

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The 2016-17 ASAF Youth Cup has been declared open in a ceremony that focused on tradition and youth in Chennai, India.

With the theme of ‘One Asia’, sailors from 18 nations were welcomed to ASAF Youth Sailing Cup 2016-17 series at Chennai, India with energy and culture at Chennai.

The opening Ceremony went successful at the Chennai Port on Thursday, December 15, 2016.  

The sailors, team representatives, coaches and volunteers were welcomed in to the Events Centre by Chennai Sailing Association and the speeches were delivered by the Minister of Education and Youth Affairs, Tamil Nadu and the Rear Admiral Bhatnagar, FlagOfficer Tamil Nadu of the Indian Navy.

Addressing over160 competitors from 18 nations participating at the event, the Hon'ble Minister, stated that participation in sportswas as essential as schooling. He also shared a poem to encourage the young sailors to face the challenges in their life.

Attention will now turn to the first day of racing which is scheduled to start at 11:00 local time on Friday 16 December. Racing continues through to 19 December 2016 where the ASAF Youth Sailing Champions will be crowned.

ASAF Youth Sailing Cup 2016-17

India is hosting the first event of the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup 2016-17 Series, the next event will be in Hong Kong in February 2017, followed by Singapore in March 2017 with the final event scheduled at Ras Al Khaima, UAE in early April 2017.

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