Race Officials In Asia

Race Officials In Asia
International Race Officer Mohd Afendy Abdullah ready to start the race © Ajay Narang

Race Officials mission is to ensure quality, integrity and consistency for all participants in the sport of sailboat racing, from casual weeknight club racing to world championships. They are trained, certified and supported by World Sailing, and they have the resources of the organization at their disposal. Race officials are sailors like you who volunteer their time because they enjoy the work and because they believe in the importance of giving back to the sport.

What Do Race Officials Do?

Race Officials support you, the racing sailor, in their roles as Race Officers, Judges, Umpires and Classifiers. They run races, make umpire calls on the water, hear protests and redress requests in the jury room, and classify sailors to compete in disabled sailing events.

Race Officials in Asia

The following individuals from Asia have been appointed as Race Officials by World Sailing, the governing body for the sport worldwide.

International Judges
Name Country Email
Xinzu Gu CHN
Chun Qu CHN
Qidong Lu CHN
Tom Sheppard HKG
    Gurvinderpal Julka IND
Jagdish Singh IND
Kisyoshi Tomimatsu JPN
Katsuya Hashiba JPN
Noboru Maesono JPN
Kai Masuda JPN
Takao Otani JPN
Katsumi Shibanuma JPN
Masaaki Tanaka JPN
Sungchul Jeong KOR
Leonard Chin MAS
Say Chu MAS
Hong Kit Lock SGP
Selvam Mookken SGP
Swee Hung Tan SGP
Tee Suan Tan SGP
Wee Lee Teo SGP
Wee Tee Teo SGP
Rut Subniran THA
International Race Officers
Changcheng Zhou CHN
Qidong Lu CHN
Xinjian Zhu CHN
Akira Okada JPN
Mohd Afendy Abdullah MAS
Abdur Rehman Arshad PAK
Hong Kit Lock SGP
Jerrold NG SGP
Simon James THA
International Measurers
Patrik Lam HKG
Joseph Ajit Diaz IND
SV Balachander IND
Malav Shroff IND
Shigeru Fujii JPN
Wataru Arakawa JPN
Kazuyuki Higashijima JPN
Tetsutaro Muramatsu JPN
Hyo-Kyung Jang KOR
Aileen Loo SGP
International Umpires
Abhimanyu Patankar IND
Masaaki Tanaka JPN
Sungchul Jeong KOR
International Classifiers
Akira Shimizu JPN