Set Sail On The 2017-18 Asian Yachting Grand Prix (AYGP)

Set Sail On The 2017-18 Asian Yachting Grand Prix (AYGP)
The Hardest Sports Trophy To Win In Asia

Thirteen Events, over 300 Skippers & Yachts, 85 Inshore & 3 Offshore Races, across 7 Countries !  The Asian Yachting Grand Prix lineup starts with Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek & ends at Samui Regatta. Over 15 years, Peter Ahern (2), Neil Pryde (4), Frank Pong (2), Ray Roberts (3), Bill Bremner (2), Steve Manning/Anthony Root (2) have won the title and know what it takes to succeed.

As China is rapidly becoming a sailing nation and if the AYGP Rankings, are to be truly representative of the East Asian region, we welcome the China Cup International Regatta (CCIR) into the family of regattas, as the sixth event on the Eastern Circuit and expanding the AYGP to 13 regatta/races. Over 100 extra skippers and yachts will be added to the rankings and become aware of other regattas in the region and what the AYGP Ranking is about. It will also encourage Chinese boat owners to come out and participate at other Regional Events. 

The main aim of the AYGP pointscore system, is to annually rank Skippers and Yachts competing at the newly expanded, 13 selected five star AYGP point scoring events, held in East and South East Asian waters during the 2016-17 Season. For the 16th year, the winning Skipper and Yacht will be crowned with the prestigious AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year titles.

New for the 2017-18 Season

  • After coming under fire, for presenting multiple owners with the Skipper of the Year title, it has been decided that the Skipper is the nominated person in charge of the yacht at any particular event and ask regatta organisers to include on the Entry Form and a column on their online entry list. Therefore a Skipper could campaign more than one boat throughout the season and he or she and the yacht will score separately in the pointscore.
  • There have also been some small changes to the AYGP Scoring System. On Single Races, the Bonus Points for winning the class, has been reduced from 5 to 3 and the 3 added Bonus points for 1st Overall under IRC, has been reduced to 2, making 15 points the maximum a skipper and yacht can score, if they won the class and overall awards. The Best 6 results will still count for the overall title and the leaders are expected to compete at the season ending Samui Regatta, if they expect to be crowned the 2017-18 AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year

Regatta / Race Line-up for the season
Thirteen (13) regatta/races make up the 5 star family of events. By popular demand this season, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's biennial Vietnam Race and the blue water classic Rolex China Sea Race return to the race lineup. A total of six on the East Asian Circuit (Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Philippines) and five in South East Asian waters (Malaysia, Phuket SW Thailand, Indonesia) finishing up with the centrally located Top of the Gulf and Samui Regatta in the Gulf of Thailand. Boat owners are not restricted to regional events and are free to compete on both circuits and in as many events, they choose to contest. As the AYGP Ranking is open to all classes, the degree of difficulty has increased to a new and extremely challenging level.

Western Circuit
Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek (July 19th – 23rd)
Raja Muda Selangor Int. Regatta (Nov 17th – 25th)
Phuket King's Cup (Dec 2nd – 9th)
Royal Langkawi Int Regatta (January 8th – 13th)
Neptune Regatta (February 10th – 17th)

Eastern Circuit
China Coast Regatta (October 13th – 15th)
Hong Kong to Vietnam Race (Starts October 18th)
China Cup International Regatta (October 26th – 29th)
Subic Boracay Race & Boracay Cup (February 23rd – March 2nd)
Rolex China Sea Race (Starts March 28th)
Commodore's Cup (April 2nd – 6th)

Common Final Events
Top of the Gulf Regatta (Early May)
Samui Regatta (May 26th – June 2nd)

Pointscoring System – “Six Best Regattas to Count”
Applies to Multiple Race Regattas.
All competitors receive 5 points for entering an event.
Points are awarded to the first five boats in each class and based on number of entries.
Bonus points are awarded for each race win and also based on the number of class entries.
One penalty point is deducted for disqualification (DSQ).

Single Race Events
Three Bonus points are awarded for winning the class based on the number of class entries.
1st Overall IRC – 2 added Bonus Points.

Best 6 results to count for the overall Championship

AYGP promotion video by Marine Scene Asia –

All skippers and yachts competing at any of the 13 regatta/race have a chance of winning the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards. Donning the Trend Fashions navy blue blazer, presented with the Perpetual AYGP Cup filled with champagne, hand crafted take home trophy at the gala Samui Regatta season ending prize presentation party. Celebrating one of the proudest moments of their racing their name is added to the “hardest sports trophy to win in Asia”, is the highlight of the AYGP season.

Last season Steve Manning & Anthony Root's Ker 42 Black Baza, retained the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year title, after winning all four long distance, blue water classics over two years, by class and overall. A record that has never been achieved and may stand for sometime. View the complete 2016-17 AYGP Rankings, by clicking on Skipper – Yacht – Regatta and Scoring System from

Martins Rijkuris

Martins Rijkuris

Conducts annual Asian Yachting Grand Prix (AYGP) Rankings & present AYGP Skipper & Yacht of the Year awards, known as the 'Hardest Sports trophy to win in Asia' to the winner...