Support Sailing Programme

In 2013, the Asian Sailing Federation launched a programme called "Support Sailing Programme". This programme is aimed at collecting second hand equipment from sailors / Sailing Clubs / MNAs to give it to sailors / Sailing Clubs / MNAs from those Asian nations who wish to start sailing programmes in their nation.
Do you have any equipment that you are not using now? Please consider giving it to sailors who could benefit.
The Aim
To collect used equipment in good condition from sailors / Sailing Clubs / MNAs that no longer use it and give it to sailors from emerging sailing countries and those who are selected for ASAF Solidarity Programme.
Just send us an e-mail if you think you can help in any way and and we will arrange to get the equipment to those that need it as fast as possible.
A HUGE THANKS to Constant Wind, Singapore for donating used equipment to Vietnam, Pakistan and Tamil Nadu Sailing Association!!
If you have equipment to offer or would like to request equipment, please contact: