About Us

The Asian Sailing Federation was founded in 1981. The founder members of the Asian Sailing Federation are those that attended the meeting of the ASAF on 28 November 1981 at Bombay.

The registered address for ASAF is  1500 East Coast Parkway, National Sailing Centre, Singapore 468963.

The ASAF as the Continental Association for Sailing in Asia, is an Affiliate Member of the World Sailing (formerly International Sailing Federation) and fulfils and maintain the obligations that entails.

The Asian Sailing Federation has the following main aims and objectives:

  • To promote the practice of sailing, promoting and exchanging knowledge and experiences with the National Sailing Federations of Asian nations.
  • To promote the coordination and unification of policies for the sport, including those for ASAF Events and other international competitions.
  • To establish and/or coordinate the yearly Asian regatta calendar in the respective categories.
  • To promote and extend the exchange of Race Officials.
  • To promote the training of technicians.
  • To promote youth exchanges and common training camps for youth.
  • To relate with organisations which represent the sport of sailing or parts of it in Asia.