ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Final (2016 – 17) Series Declared Open

ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Final (2016 – 17) Series Declared Open

The final event of the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup (2016 – 17) Series has been declared open in a glittering ceremony at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

The sailors, team representatives, coaches and volunteers were welcomed in to the newly built Sailing Club of Ras Al Khaimah by James Roy, the General Manager of the Al Hamra Marina and the Royal Sailing Club. This was followed with a "Oath" taking ceremony by the sailors and introduction of the International Jury, the Principle Race Officer and the Equipment Inspector.

Addressing over 90 competitors from 12 nationalities participating at the event, Captain Ajay Narang, the Chairman Events Committee of the ASAF, thanked the sailors, coaches and parents for their participation and highlighted that the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup series had been steadily growing over the years and he hoped that in the coming years, the event would see more and more competitors from across Asia and world.

Attention will now turn to the first day of racing which is scheduled to start at 11:00 local time on Wednesday 05 April. Racing continues through to 08 April 2017 where the ASAF Youth Sailing Champions will be crowned and the Nations Trophy will be awarded.

Live updates will be available through our Social media feeds through out the racing days and results will be posted on our website along with daily reports at the end of the day.

ASAF Youth Sailing Cup 2016-17
India hosted the first event of the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup 2016-17 Series, followed by Hong Kong in February 2017 and Singapore in March 2017.